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Angry Mime Night #3
Saturday 18 November

If you are reading this it means you have been inducted into the Angry Mime family to perform at our third event for 2017. Welcome!

Either that or you have demonstrated some entry-level hacking and have cracked into a part of our website you weren't meant to see. Please don't steal our passwords, they're really easy to remember...

If you are a performing act though, here is some info you may like to know. And some info we'd love to know from you. The form is to make sure we get it all in the one place, but if you have any queries, please feel free to chase us via


Backbone Youth Arts HQ
East Brisbane Bowls Club
38 Lytton Road
East Brisbane 4169


Think light - we don't have a lot to work with in the space, but we'll do what we can to support your work. We'll stay flexible if you can do likewise!


SATURDAY 18 November
4pm - Artist Call for Briefing &
Tech Walk-throughs
6:30pm - House Goes Live
7:30pm - Show Begins
9:30pm - Show Ends / Dancing Begins
11:30pm - Most people tired from Dancing
12am - Eviction from Venue







Please time your act as it is our experience that a lot of acts just assume they are under 5 minutes but usually are more like 10 mins. Strict limits apply! We will oscars-music you off. Don't think we won't...
If for any reason you'd like to check out the venue before the 18th, please email us to set up a time.

Now You Go...

Name *
25 words or less. We may use this online or in a printed handbill.
Our tech is deathly minimal, but we'll see what we can do. Do you need amplified sound? Lights up & down? We'll have some hands around to help - just let us know what we need to do...
Will we have to mop up after you? Let us know what you're really planning to do so we can brace ourselves. We can keep a secret.
Any websites or links that you would like us to plug? If you have an etsy store for macramae ashtrays, maybe we can help you out? Any links to photos or video content would also be great - we'll spread the joy through our people...

Image Upload

Optional. If you have any promo images that we might be able to use to spruik you, please upload them here. Headshots are fine to use. Please make sure the file name is recognisable so that we know it's you!

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