The Angry Mime - Night #3 Postponed!

Please note that due to mysterious and ambiguous circumstances, The next Angry Mime evening (due for arrival Aug 5) has been postponed. 

The Angry Mime would like to apologise for any inconvenience, or for the magnitude of disappointment and despair that may be caused.

The Angry Mime reassures season ticket holders that they will be eligible for immediate and effortless refunds. Members of our box office team will not be in contact as they do not exist. Further, The Angry Mime wishes to remind season ticket holders that season tickets do not exist, and therefore any holders are somehow mistaken.

One day, we will all look back on this and laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. But for now, know that The Mime is safe. And he cares for you dearly.

Imagine me and you. I do. I think about you day and night. It's only right. To think about the girl you love. And hold her tight. So happy. Together...

Chin Up, Shoulders Back, Eyebrow Raised

The next Angry Mime night will definitely take place on:
Saturday 18th November, 2017

Backbone Bowls Club,
38 Lytton Road
East Brisbane 4169

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