Artist Expression of Interest

Got enough lunacy to share? Put your hand up to perform something at The Angry Mime. 

We are only looking for 5-minute spots at all events. Tech support is deathly minimal. We have a limited amount of space in the program throughout the year, so please don't be disheartened if we can't fit you in. The Angry Mime has a focus on clown, contemporary dance, vaudeville, spoken word, slam poetry, contemporary performance, physical theatre and anything a little bit strange. BUT If your concept is out-of-the-box, we are open to hearing any and all suggestions (cc: live art, digital, one-on-one, participatory, inflammatory, et al.). If your work busts open a crack in reality then bring it!

Name *
If you have a website or facebook page, give us a link here. If we might not know you, please give us a quick idea of what you normally do.
Give us a brief description of your act - what does it involve? Has it been done before? Do we need to put the fire brigade on standby?

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